Tag: Love

  • Wordless again 

    If you run out of words Take a loan From your mom Her swindle Her canoodle Wordless again If you run out of words Sit together With your father His meekness His strictness Wordless again Can’t describe their love And immolation How to sing Their invocation Their glorification Wordless again .. Thank you mom you […]

  • Contexture

    Once in downpour I saw a seductive cutie Seren crystalline adorable beauty When ever she smiles Impenetrate several miles Perfect gods contexture extolling my duty. _ © Heamendar J

  • Ebullience

    This ebullience Will resurface the History If remains ataltimes. __ © Heamendar J

  • I propose again

    I propose you dispose you shoot me cold hearted I collect all bows I try to build again and again this all process makes me a man for you dispose again die hard, i propose again _ © Hemindur J