Category: Motivation

  • A Humble Appeal To All Readers And Followers

    Hello Readers, How are you all?  I hope everything is going well in your life. I’m grateful to all of the writers, poets and bloggers who took the time to visit here. I am appreciative to everyone who read and shared their wonderful insights with me. I am no longer active on my old blog, which is 👉 We are moving to a new blog.. 👉 Right now, I’m working on my new blog and intend to be more consistent in my writing and blogging.  I’m inviting all of my loyal readers and followers to join me on my new blog. See you there. 👉 Thank you. […]

  • Wash your eyes first

    Where we are headed to ? To the darkness Or to the light For some, life is devotion For some love and fight A few of us enjoying the play For some it’s need and lust You can see destination clear Wash your eyes first © Hemindur J

  • Ebullience

    This ebullience Will resurface the History If remains ataltimes. __ © Heamendar J

  • To the moon

    How can you reach to destination If you can’t dare to step up How can it be a tree If seed is cheap or not grown up Hurdles will try to stop That comes from inside of you Never surrender before storm Ignite your soul, don’t rue So my friend Don’t be shy Spread your […]